this is redy – flow pack

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In this pack you can purchase 3 redypanties at once.

#redyflow is reusable period underwear, which can absorb 1.5 tampons’ worth of blood without leaks, comfortably. Simple-looking panties. At first sight, no one could tell there’s something extraordinary about them. A bit tighter around the thighs to make you feel snug and really safe. Made from skin-friendly fabrics.

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How is it made?

We kept on testing the product for 1.5 years to make sure we find the most innovative materials. We brought textiles from all over the world to stretch, test and wear them out in order to find the best one. This meant one and a half years of work, but now we can confidently say: these are the #redypanties that we proudly recommend to all. They are perfect for your period.

What is it made of?

This is why it can absorb blood:
The inner layer is made up of materials that can absorb several times their weight in fluids. They are antibacterial and neutralize smells to make you feel fully safe and protected. Flow is as thin as a pantyliner.

This is why it won’t leak:
The bottom layer is a safety net, which we’re eternally grateful for. This is the one that prevents leaks. It’s waterproof and doesn’t let liquids through, but breathable at the same time to make you feel comfortable. 💪🏾 It works just like a great raincoat, except that we chose a much more discreet fabric.

How to use it?

The exact use of period underwear is completely subjective. One thing’s sure: #redyflow can comfortably absorb 1.5 tampons’ worth of blood. This means you don’t have to change them up to this quantity. Usually, they only need changing in the morning and at night.

When to use it?

There are people who use it as extra protection with a tampon, cup or pad, but wear it alone on lighter days, at night, at the weekend, at work, on yoga, during working out or traveling.

We also wear this one on days when we’re feeling like our period is about begin, because it’s relaxing to know that we don’t have to rush to the toilet immediately in case it really does. It can also replace pantyliners.

How to wash it?

You can wash it just like a regular pair of panties. You can put it together with the rest of your underwear laundry, but do not use fabric softeners or water softeners, because these can damage the materials and the absorbent layer. The recommended washing temperature is 40°C.

You can wash the product at 60°C as well (to disinfect), but this high temperature is harsh on clothes and lowers life expectancy. Therefore we recommend lower temperature.

Feel free to use natural disinfectants (e.g.: vinegar) and natural essential oils. You can also use store-bought disinfectants (e.g.: Sanytol). With these, you can effectively wash them even at 30°C.

PRO TIP (especially for low-temperature cleaning and for those who might wait some days before putting them in the washing machine): To remove blood directly after use, gently press the fabric while running cold water on it. (Don’t twist it- press it!)

Try it!

You have 40 days to try them. If they didn’t make your cycle better, you can return them and we’ll send you a refund.

Will it fit?

You can exchange them free of charge for 14 days. Fast and easy.

“It hugs my hip and pelvis comfortably at the right places, without leaks or stains.”

Emese N.

“They’re comfortable and I love it that they don’t feel like a diaper. It lasted all day, which I’m really happy about because my first day is usually pretty heavy.” 

Dóri U.

“All in all, I really like the concept, and I’m satisfied with it.”

Réka L.

Size chart:

(A – hip circumference, B – thigh circumference)

Choose the size you’d normally buy.

If you’re between two sizes, let the thigh size win: if you have stronger thighs, get the bigger size.


OEKO-TEX® 92 % cotton, 8 % lycra
Inner fabric:
OEKO-TEX® 92% cotton, 8% lycra
Outside layer:
80% polyamide, 20% elastane

OEKO-TEX® meaning: “Belief in the textile.” Products with this label are more controlled for harmful substances and are made based on eco-friendly production and in workshops meeting the requirements of  Sustainable Textile Production (STeP).

Laundry guide:

Feel free to wash it together with the rest of your underwear at 40°C, with no fabric softeners or water softeners. (You can use disinfectants.) These chemicals lower the fabrics’ absorption capacity. 🙁

You can wash the product at 60°C as well (to disinfect), but this high temperature is harsh on clothes and lowers life expectancy. Therefore we recommend lower temperature.

Why consider using period underwear?

🌱 Next time you read an article about the polluting effects of disposable period waste, you’ll be proud of your Redy panties and knowing that you did your bit.

🌱 You’ll realize that your previous fear of leaks is transformed into a feeling of safety, and this feels awesome.

🌱 If you know you’re going to have a super busy day, and won’t have the opportunity to change your products regularly, you’ll happily reach for your Redy panties in the morning because they help solving your problem.

🌱 You get your period, but you don’t have any products at home… your Redy will be in your drawer and you’ll bless the day you ordered it.

We could go on listing similar situations, but the truth is, you’ll understand it all anyway when you first start using it.

It might sound strange at first, because haven’t really seen such a thing, but as soon as you put it on and use it, you’ll get why you need underwear like this so bad. ✨